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Vertically integrated for uncompromising purity at unprecedented scale

Superior production.

Superior quality.

We have combined the gifts of nature with the unparalleled production experience of third-generation farming to establish one of the largest, vertically integrated, single-site CBD production facilities in the world.




Acres of home grown hemp


Square foot extraction facility


Square foot iso3clean lab


Pounds of biomass processed each day

Grown here

One source: ours

Our single-source control allows us to practice regenerative agriculture throughout the crop lifecycle, increasing biodiversity and enhancing ecosystem services. All 2300 acres of our organic hemp are grown from genetically tested seeds to ensure purity and high CBD content. Our automated software enables optimal growing conditions for our plants, and as harvest begins every October, regular testing ensures that no trace of harmful substances has entered the cultivation process.

Dried here

The world's largest purpose-built dryers

Transporting our harvest from field to dryer on the same day saves valuable processing time, allowing our hemp dryers to process the farm’s entire crop in less than 60 days. Unlike some processors who reuse hops dryers, our driers process our crop and nothing else. This closed loop approach eliminates a significant entry point for pesticides, heavy metals or other contaminants. Designed in house, our proprietary, computerized loading system continuously feeds biomass into the dryers for minimal downtime and maximum efficiency while limiting exposure to potential contaminants.

Stored here

Small pellets. Big freezer.

Using techniques learned over three generations of farming, our dried hemp is pelletized at our pellet mill for safe storage in our 40,000 sq. ft subzero freezer, ensuring both purity and potency remain intact while the hemp awaits extraction. Continuing our closed loop approach, automated systems load the hemp from the freezer directly into the mixing tanks to begin the extraction process..

Extracted here

Ethanol-based cold extraction process.

Using an Automated PLC front end, biomass is loaded from our storage freezer directly into the mixing tanks. After soaking, the biomass goes to our automated centrifuges where the cannabinoid oil is extracted from the biomass. From the centrifuges, the oil and solvents are sent thought our proprietary filter room where the mix is sent through a series of filters from 50 microns all the way down to 1 micron. The filtered solution then goes to our “hive” of condensers where the solvents are evaporated leaving the purest, most consistent crude available.

Refined here

3 stage distillation process.

While we keep crude in inventory for sale, many of our customers prefer full spectrum distillate, T-Free distillate or isolate powder. Our massive 3 stage distillation machine can produce over 1000 L of full spectrum distillate per day. We can then convert all of that to CBD / CBG isolate or refine the distillate further to produce hundreds of liters of T-Free Distillate per day.

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